Anshul Chopra is a 24-year-old visionary photographer from Jalandhar, Punjab. With a passion for capturing the essence of spaces and objects, Anshul embarked on his photographic journey at a young age, driven by a relentless pursuit of creativity and excellence.

Anshul holds a diploma in creative photography, his dedication and commitment to mastering his art from the Raghu Rai Center for Photography.

His portfolio holds an impressive array of work, with a specialization in Interior Architecture, Products, Home Decor, Furniture, and Landscape Design. Anshul continues to push the boundaries of creativity, seeking out new perspectives and challenges to fuel his artistic growth.


Documentary – ‘The year Earth Changed’

Amid the global lockdown of 2020, when the world seemed to come to a standstill, Anshul’s photograph of the Himalayas caught the attention of filmmakers working on a documentary titled ‘The Year Earth Changed,’ on Apple TV+ which aimed to showcase the unexpected positive impacts of the global lockdown on nature.

Interview with ‘Australian Broadcasting Corporation’ – during the Lockdown on the Viral Image of the Himalayas.

Features in Magazines like Architect and Interiors India, Design Essentia, and India Today Home.

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